New Vessel Trailer Swims In

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Probably the most represented genre on XBLA is puzzle-platformers. They just fit the bite-size, downloadable mold of the format. There are plenty of standouts (see: and even more mediocre attempts at being the next great arcade puzzler. One of the next in the genre looking to make a name for itself is, a game that emphasizes water physics to solve puzzles. As you will see in the new video, things can get pretty tricky when using your watery inventions, called Fluros, that look like a cross between Disney's Flubber and those weird cylindrical water tubes that protrude from people's chests in Donnie Darko.

Vessel is presumably due out this year, but there hasn't been anything official come out of the development team since the game's winter 2011 window was missed.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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