Walkthrough Team Recruitment - Your TA Needs You!

By Tasty Pastry, 6 years ago

I’m Tasty Pastry, manager of the Walkthrough Department here on TA. As of today we are looking for volunteers to assist with overseeing the walkthroughs portion of the website (of which we currently have over 250 published and many more in progress). If you’d like to know more about the feature on the site as a whole, please feel free to check one out through here:


And read up on them here:
About: Walkthroughs

A brief description of the role

As a Supervisor in the Walkthrough Team, you will be partnered with regular site users who are writing walkthroughs. During this partnership, you will be expected to answer any questions that the walkthrough writer has regarding their walkthrough. Upon completion of the walkthrough, a Walkthrough Supervisor proofreads, grammar checks, copyright checks, format checks, and quality checks every walkthrough before it is published. Many times Walkthrough Supervisors have to work together with the writer to make the walkthrough as strong as possible.

What makes a good Walkthrough Supervisor?

People that enjoy this job must have strong grammar and spelling skills in the English language. Since each person is assigned the walkthroughs on an individual basis, it’s very possible that Supervisors may receive high demands on their time on certain days, while not having any work on others. Thus, flexibility is key.

Walkthrough Supervisors must also be comfortable communicating with writers, not only in remaining polite and helpful, but also being able to suggest constructive criticism. Supervisors must also be able to understand the balance between “making it perfect” and “getting it published so it’s accessible to the user base”. Since all walkthroughs are capable of constantly being updated by other users, there are moments where a “perfect walkthrough” will not be achieved after the initial publication.

Users that have played many games, especially “oddity” games, are more desirable, as walkthrough quality usually improves when the Supervisor has played the game they are proofreading. Consequently, Supervisors must not be too hampered by potential spoilers. Some acceptance of avoiding certain games is of course understandable if desired. Lastly, a good walkthrough team member understands that he/she helps to represent the site as a whole.

As a note, the position is no longer a job on the content team as the walkthrough team is now an individual department in it's own righto. Lastly, this post is not a job for the ability to become an “exclusive walkthrough writer” on the site – anyone can write a walkthrough. A walkthrough staff position is not required to write walkthroughs themselves, but they are more than welcome to contribute.

If you’re interested in helping to make TA a better place for both yourself and others and are interested in this completely volunteer position, please compose a PM to me, Tasty Pastry , and answer the questions below. A paragraph at most per answer is sufficient; I will have to read through them all laugh

1) Why do you think this job is right for you?

2) Are you comfortable proofreading walkthroughs for games you may have played but not yet completed?

3) Have you applied for a staff position before or been on staff?

4) Are you fluent in the English language?

5) Have you written or participated in the walkthrough process for the site before / currently? If so, please contribute a brief explanation so it’s one less step for me.

6) A fun fact about you. Tell me who you are, what you’re about, what makes you…you. Although this has all sounded so formal, we’re all just volunteers hoping to make this site the best it can be!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM, though my responses may be slower than normal if we have a lot of responses. The number of positions we are looking to fill is not finilized yet, but all applications will be kept on record in case of a need for additional recruitment at a later date.

Regardless of acceptance, if you were willing to fill out information for a volunteer job to potentially make this site a better place, it’s genuinely appreciated and all of us at TA thank you for your offer.