The Moderating Team

By Cee Jay, 9 years ago
First of all let me thank everyone who applied and let me assure you I have read and assessed every application.

Before I reveal the team I will first tell you how I came to my decisions, it was always my plan to hire 7 moderators, 3 living in EU time zones and 4 living in US time zones, this should ensure we have moderators on at all times. Then every applicant was checked for the following things:

Previous site behaviour
Number of posts in the forum
Time registered
Maturity (taken from a combination of age, forum posts and application)
Promoter status
Previous experience of moderating
Previous site contribution
Reputation on site
Amount of time available to moderate
And finally quality of application

Then it was just a case of narrowing down until I had the 7 I needed. As it turned out I had so many quality applications it was necessary for me to choose five reserve moderators, these will be next in line for promotion when the management deem necessary or if any of the moderators leave.

It was a long process, but through it I think I have chosen the perfect moderating team to enable the site to move forward.

So without further ado here is the new moderating team.

Moderating Manager
Clever Jake

EU Moderators
Elite Hero

US Moderators
Crimson Drifter

Reserve Moderators
jacky rooster

I would like to offer my personal congratulations to the new moderators, I have no doubt you will do an excellent job.

I got a lot of good applications from users who want to help the site, it is now my hope that these will volunteer to be in one of the other teams (details on how too coming soon).


Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
Admin, Moderation Manager and longest serving staff member, also a member of the Community and Events Team and host of the annual Game of the Year Awards. Likes RPG's and good stories, hates anything multiplayer.