SoulCalibur V to Receive Title Update, More DLC

By litepink, 6 years ago
Namco Bandai announced today the impending arrival of a title update for their recently released fighter SoulCalibur V. The title update is said to include character balancing adjustments for the entire roster based on the feedback of players. We’ll also see search optimization for ranked online matches and other gameplay tweaks, with full details of the update coming soon. The title update releases worldwide on Wednesday, March 21st.

On top of the new title update, Namco also announced monthly costume DLC for the game’s character creation. The first of the monthly packs is set to arrive early next month on April 3rd. This is in addition to the three customization packs that were released already. Those packs contained nine items and were priced at 160 MSP. Content, pricing, and quantity of the monthly costume DLC have yet to be revealed.

If spending all that money on DLC is making your head spin, you’ll be glad to know that the entry fee into the retail release has been cut in half for a limited time. Toys R’ Us in the US has SoulCalibur V for only $29.99. But act fast, this deal is valid for March 16th and 17th only.

We’ll be sure to pass along the full details of the title update once it’s made available, and be sure to check out our weekly DLC roundups for more on the release of SoulCalibur V and all other retail, XBLA, and GFWL content.