Need to Beat a Mod in ProStreet? Here's a Chance!

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
As you're all well aware of by now, EA has announced the latest round of server closures for a number of their titles.

Part of our promise to you was to make sure that we help you out as much as possible in getting those online achievements squared away before the opportunity to get them disappears forever. After all, we're sure a good number of you are now taking advantage of gaming sessions to get some of these achievements, such as the online elements of EA SPORTS MMA (which is at a 20x multiplier, by the way).

One TAer who has come through for the community before and who is once again putting aside some of his free time to help you all out is The Manic Moose. He has created a pair of gaming sessions for to help those of you who still need the EA Moderator achievement.

Sunday, March 18th at 11AM EDT - Boosting Gaming Session for Need for Speed: ProStreet
Sunday, March 18th at 4PM EDT - Boosting Gaming Session for Need for Speed: ProStreet

Here are the session notes so you can all be aware of what to expect:

The Manic Moose said:
You must have the Coke Zero/Energizer pack downloaded. This is the free pack that appears as you load the game up.

I will be racing in a variety of races but mainly "rogue speed-portland international raceway II". - this can be found by going to the race day menu and scrolling to the bottom right.

Once you have the EA Moderator achievement, please leave and allow room for others. The 8 player race achievement should come naturally with the volume of people needing the Moderator achievement.

DO NOT send me a friend request or a message. I will be on the game on that afternoon and will get round to helping everyone. If you fail to receive the achievement - I will create another session sometime soon.
Everyone, please be patient. The Manic Moose (who is an EA mod for ProStreet only), is doing the community a huge favor by helping out here, so play nice and wait your turn and please, don't be upset if he can't get to you. This is something he's doing to help out, and for that he deserves a big thank you and minimal headache!

Good luck to all who go for this achievement and thanks again to The Manic Moose for stepping up and doing this!
Credit for this story goes to The Manic Moose
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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