Street Fighter x Tekken DLC Detailed

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
Capcom has announced they are set to kick off a schedule of updates for their recent fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken. Beginning next month, the schedule includes both free and paid DLC, as well as a couple of title updates.

On April 3rd, the previously announced "Swap Costumes" will be released. The 38 costumes will be available for purchase individually for 80 MSP or they can be bought in two packs, the "Street Fighter Pack" and the "Tekken Pack", both priced at 1040 MSP.

Also released on April 3rd will be three free colour packs. Each pack contains four new additions to the palette for extra customization options. There will also be three new quick combos available on this day; these will be free too. These combos will bring the total of pre-programmed attack patterns to five.

Soon after this date, there will be a title update. This free tournament support update introduces a new dial system that will allow players to select gems in the versus screen at a quicker speed than before. There will also be improvements to sound issues experienced online.

A few weeks later, a second title update will land at players' doors. Three new Assist Gem packs and six new Boost Gem packs will be included in this pack, adding 60 more gems to the total between them. There will also be three more gem slots allowed per character for players to save their preferred layouts. The final addition is a free replay analyser, which means that each fighter's vital statistics can be dissected at will.

The final item in the list is due to launch after the Playstation Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken hits stores. Players were concerned that the 12 characters exclusive to that version of the game would not be made available for other platforms. Capcom has confirmed that they will indeed be released as a pack for 1600 MSP. In case you were wondering, these characters are Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars and Lei.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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