Indie Games Spotlight for March 18th, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
Little Racers STREET brings fast and furious racing through the city.

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Milkstone Studios presents the next installment in the indie racing series, now with online for 12 players! Drive the 30+ high speed cars on a 3D,weather-changing city! Career mode provides hours of fun, challenging races. You need to tune your car and earn money to get the most wanted cars.Pursuit the top ranks and become the best in the world! Underground racing has never been so fun!

RELEASE DATE: 1/27/2012
DEVELOPER: Milkstone Studios S.L.
GENRE: Racing & Flying

Offline players 1
System Link 2 - 12
Dolby Digital

Online multiplayer 2 - 12
Little Racers: STREET brings back the memories of my first video game playing experience. The isometric racer R.C. Pro-Am for the Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the earliest video gaming memories I have. But, I don't want to get too sidetracked down memory lane, as all Little Racers: STREET has in common with that game is the isometric point-of-view from which you race your tiny car.

In fact, Little Racers has a deep upgrade and customization process, much like a simulation racer. You will not win every race, at least not at first. Learning the track is just as important as having the right upgrades on your car and turbo is definitely your friend in this game.

The controls feel tight when they need to be, but allow you to drift around corners when you need it. The AI racers are challenging, but nothing replaces racing against other human opponents. With 12-player Xbox Live races, you can have plenty of that. For only 80 MSP, this title will have you going as fast and furious for not very much cash.

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Written by mancide
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