SoulCalibur V Vid Highlights Upcoming Update, DLC

By litepink, 6 years ago
Update: As promised, the patch list was big. Check out this PDF to see what changes were made to your character and to the gameplay overall.

The world of SCV is set to receive a title update and new monthly costume DLC, as we reported late last week. The following trailer reminds us of this fact, as well as giving us a bit of a preview of the aforementioned costume DLC. Beginning next month you'll be able to customize your characters with maid costumes, active wear, ancient armors and many more items to suite your tastes. Pac-Man even makes an appearance, but it's more bizarre looking than you might think.

While the trailer promises that the title update to have over 240 changes, we still don’t know the exact details of those changes. Namco has promised to pass them along eventually and we’ll be right on top of that as soon as they do. The title update for SoulCalibur V arrives Wednesday, while the monthly costume DLC will be available from April 3rd.