Newshounds Applications

By Cee Jay, 9 years ago
The new Moderator team has been announced, and so the next round of applications will begin... for the Newshounds!

So I'll pass you over to the Newshound Manager Aerodynamo If you're interested, read on!

Do you have a passion for writing?

Do you feel like you have what it takes to decide what goes on the front page?

Do you have a willingness to seek out news about video games and the video gaming industry and bring it to your peers to devour hungrily, like... like something that devours something else hungrily?

You were meant to be a Newshound!

To join the team and start making some revolutionary changes to the way delivers news and influence both how new members will first see the site and how old members will continue to experience it, then send me (Aerodynamo) a PM that includes (numbered) answers to the following:

1) Where are you from? (Country/Timezone)
2) How active are you? (Hours per day + hours in which you are on)
3) Do you have experience in the field of writing? If so, how?"
4) How old are you?
5) Why do you want to be a Newshound on TA?
6) How can you see yourself making an impact in the News department? What will you bring to the team?
7) What would you hope to change about the News? (Include as many ideas as you'd like, but I'm not looking for quantity--I'm looking for an identification of an area that we might be able to improve upon, and how you could help us do that.)

8) Submit a brief writing sample for an article that you've found. It should be relatively recent and new, checked the way you would and given in a way that we would, here. That means a title, a strapline, and a story, and a link if applicable. Label or format however you see fit. It does not have to be a news story, but should be based off of something factual (ie. not just a rant).

9) Any additional comments you might have.

I'll start processing the applications as soon as they start rolling in, but please be patient. If everyone applying sends a quality writing sample, this could take a very long time!

As for how many Newshounds I am looking for, at this time I am not entirely sure and won't swear to a certain number. I will not fill up spots just to fill up spots and I will only take the best of the best!

Thanks to everyone who decides to send in an application, and thanks to everyone who reads and submits the news, opinion articles, poll suggestions, and everything else that makes the news what it is!
Cee Jay
Written by Cee Jay
Admin, Moderation Manager and longest serving staff member, also a member of the Community and Events Team and host of the annual Game of the Year Awards. Likes RPG's and good stories, hates anything multiplayer.