Voice Studio App Spreads to Other Countries

By Rebecca Smith,
Voice Studio, the free Social App that tests Kinect's voice recognition capabilities, is no longer exclusive to the US. The app is still not available in every region, but we can now confirm that it has spread to some European countries (UK, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Russia, France, Poland, Sweden and Austria are confirmed), Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. If you find that it is available in your country too, leave a comment in the thread and we'll update this post.

The app can only be downloaded from the Xbox dashboard; the app is not available on Xbox.com. To download Voice Studio, head to the Social tab of the Xbox dashboard and select Social Apps. Voice Studio will be one of four options there. Alternatively, some people are reporting that the app is not appearing on the dashboard and that you will have to search for it through Bing. You MUST have Kinect to be able to use this app.

The app asks players to read a variety of preset phrases covering sports teams, films, TV shows, celebrities and the usual Xbox commands. There are several hundred phrases in total spread over eight tracks, but if you need an incentive, think of the free four achievements worth 50G and the four avatar awards. Of course, there's also the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to improve Kinect's voice recognition capabilities, but we all know that isn't the real reason why you're doing this, is it?

Thanks to the members of the community who sent this one in!

We've got the full list of Voice Studio achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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