Vote For an April Windows Phone Deal of the Week

By litepink,
If you've ever been dissastified with the Deal of the Week title on Windows Phone, now is your time to be heard. Under the Spotlight section of the Xbox LIVE application, you'll find a link to vote for an upcoming Deal of the Week in April. Here are the list of canadates:
Doodle God (WP)
Deer Hunter 3D (WP)

As of this writing, Z0MB1ES was in the lead at 35.2% of the vote, with Earthworm Jim trailing with 25.7%. You can find the survey under your Spotlight section, or alternatively you can vote here. Both Earthworm Jim and Deer Hunter have been featured as Deal of the Week previously, which may factor in to your decision. The winning title will be a part of a featured sale in April.