SSX Global Event Update [UPDATE]

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
Update: You all did it! 50,000 riders has been surpassed, so go play the event now to get your credit! Thanks to all of you who made this possible!

Original Story:
Last week, we brought your attention to a global event that was being put together for SSX. This matters to many of you because being in a 50,000 person event is needed for an achievement. Since then, thousands of gamers have joined, but right around 17,000 are still needed in the five days before the event closes for the 50,000 mark to be eclipsed.

To help encourage people to join this event, we've returned to tell you that the pace means we're looking good for 50k, but we wanted to clear up some details for you.

Before you're able to play in this event, you have to play in the tutorial. Be aware that this pops an achievement, so for those of you hoping to help out, but not put the game on your card, that won't be possible.

You can only register for an event once, so registering multiple times won't help. You can, however, bring in multiple accounts, as long as they're Gold, so a 48-hour code will work. Online Pass is not required to participate in the event, though you will need one to get credit for your online events. Don't worry, though. If you don't have the Online Pass now, but play the event, you will get credit for it once your Pass is activated.

Reaching 50,000 racers is only half the battle. Once that happens, you will actually need to participate in the event to get your badge. It doesn't take all that much time though, as you don't need to finish the event. You can simply plunge right into a canyon if you'd rather not play.

Right now (roughly 5PM EDT), the event is at over 32,000 riders with over 5 days remaining. Registration closes Tuesday, March 27th at 4AM. The event you're looking to join to earn your badge is Global Event Alps - Vorassay - Beyond the Fall. There is both a Trick it! and a Race available and the Race is what needs 50,000 participants - make sure you join the right one! Though, joining both probably couldn't hurt.

Once the event eclipses 50,000 riders, we'll be sure to remind you to play for credit. Spread the word!
Credit for this story goes to Van Uden
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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