Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature Weapon Skins

By litepink, 6 years ago
The Forces of Nature DLC for Gears of War 3 has been extensively previewed with our coverage of screens and trailers. This fourth set of DLC is set to include seven new weapon skins as well. Five of them are unlocked as soon as you download the new DLC, while the other two will need to be unlocked.

Check out how each of the new skins look and how to unlock them all:

Ivory Weapon Skins: I’ve Got This! – Kill 10 opponents as the leader in a round of Guardian on a Forces of Nature map.

FL4K Weapon Skin: Force Multiplayer – Win a match of Guardian on all Forces of Nature maps.

Here are the rest, unlocked upon downloading the new DLC:


Ultra Violet



Just because you have the skin doesn't mean you're IN Major League Gaming though.

Which one is your favorite?

"Forces of Nature" comes to Gears of War 3 next Tuesday, March 27th. It is included with the Season Pass or separately for 800 MSP.
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