Mass Effect 3 - N7 Challenge Weekend

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
On the heels of last weekend's successful N7 Challenge Weekend, codenamed "Operation Goliath", BioWare is giving gamers another special weekend operation in This time, BioWare is challenging gamers with "Operation Fortress".

Here are the details on "Operation Fortress", straight from BioWare:

With Reaper forces beaten back, relief efforts are under way in the newly-taken territory. During this period, Reaper enemies will be severely depleted and there will be far fewer brutes than usual.

All players will get +25% experience over the weekend as Citadel Allied Command reviews the lessons of Operation Goliath and uses them to train new forces.
So there you have it, fewer brutes and more XP for everyone! This 25% bonus is good on all maps, all enemies, and all challenge levels.

"Operation Fortress" is set to start a 5PM PST today and will run until 5AM PST on Monday.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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