World Gone Sour Shows Off A Story

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago is not the sort of game that you would associate with Capcom these days. There are no zombies, no blood, no giant monsters and very little fighting. Instead, World Gone Sour will be the latest promotional game to be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The game follows the tale of a Sour Patch Kid who finds himself discarded on the floor of a movie theatre. He has to navigate various perilous environments before reaching his target: a human stomach.

Players will have to join forces with other lost Sour Patch Kids to overcome the large obstacles and enemies who are dead set at getting in your way. If this new trailer is anything to go by though, being evil to your friends is not really frowned upon.

Have a look at these screenshots too, as they're the closest that you'll get to gameplay today.

23/3/12 Screenshot 1

23/3/12 Screenshot 2

23/3/12 Screenshot 3

23/3/12 Screenshot 4

23/3/12 Screenshot 5

23/3/12 Screenshot 6

World Gone Sour is due to be released on April 11th and will cost 400 MSP.
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