Pid Evolution Waltz Trailer Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
Just before Christmas last year, we covered the unveiling of an upcoming 2D platformer for the XBLA known as This is the game's developer, Might & Delight's first ever project and with only two trailers released so far for the title (including this one), the game is looking impressive already. A brief description behind the story of Pid can be found in the game's previous article, and with the young schoolboy "searching for a way off the planet", we can expect to see some really impressive environments in the game .

This newly released trailer focuses on the evolution of the title, showing how the game made its way from paper cut-outs, through prototypes and testing, all the way to what's looking like a ready to launch platformer. With a visual style akin to and potentially just as much, if not more fun, than, the trailer gives a small preview of what's to come in the upcoming game.

Pid is scheduled for a Summer 2012 release. While we wait for a more specific release date and price, keep your eyes locked onto TA's front page as more trailers and screens for the upcoming title are bound to be released.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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