UK Deal Roundup for March 27th, 2012

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
There aren’t that many new sales this week. HMV has changed the name of their main promotion again but don’t seem to have changed the games. Tesco has started an entertainment promotion but they haven’t included many games at all. TheHut and Zavvi both have promotions on a certain genre of game. Other than that, Play, Shopto and TheHut have weekly promotions.

As usual you need to click on the name of the retailer or the name of the deal to be taken straight to the retailer’s offer page. Further details on the deals, including the best pick of the sale items, can be found in the ‘details here’ link, which will take you back to the relevant UK deal roundup that described the sale in more detail. Clicking on the name of a game will take you to the achievement list. All prices were correct at the time of writing.

To start off the new sales of the week, HMV has started a HMV Sale with games supposedly starting from £9.99. The only thing is that there are games at a lower price point. I’m pretty sure that this is the same promotion as their ‘Great Value Games’ promotion, but we’ll treat it as a new sale just the same. Here are the best picks:
Bodycount - £7.99
El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - £9.99
The Gunstringer - £11.99
Quantum Theory - £9.99
Red Faction: Armageddon - £6.99
Shaun White Skateboarding - £7.99

Play’s deals of the week have changed slightly! Dungeon Siege III is £7.99, The King of Fighters XIII is £17.99 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 Legacy Edition is £7.99.
Shopto’s Ball Tingler sale seems to be the new equivalent of their Star Bargains and Weekly Specials. These are this week’s bargains:
Brink - £5.84
The Darkness II Limited Edition - £19.85
Darksiders - £7.85
DiRT 3 (PC) - £6.85
Hunted: The Demon's Forge - £5.84

Tesco has started a Better Prices promotion. There aren’t that many games included and, of those that are, only Homefront is worth a purchase at £8.69.

TheHut’s Super Six deals only creates one discount code this week for people who intend to spend a fair amount of money. Save £6 when spending £60 with the code CLHUT6. In better news, the retailer has started a Kinect promotion. Weirdly enough, this promotion doesn’t include the sensor itself, but here’s a list of games that can’t be bought for less anywhere else.
Blackwater - £22.95 - £9.95 - £29.95 - £14.95
Michael Jackson: The Experience - £7.95
Motionsports - £9.95
Nickelodeon Dance - £14.95
Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking - £12.95
Rapala for Kinect - £22.95
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster - £14.95
Winter Stars - £12.95
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved - £12.95
Zumba Fitness: Rush - £27.95

Zavvi is having an American Sports promotion. Most of their titles are still quite expensive, but Major League Baseball 2K11 is £14.95 and NBA 2K12 is £19.95.

Here are the continuing sales:
Base’s offer where buyers can get two games for £25
Bee’s Special Offers
HMV’s Pure Double Points promotion
Play’s Spring Sale
Play’s offer where buyers can get two games for £20
Play’s £10 offer
TheHut’s Great Games Under £10 promotion
TheHut’s ‘Games for Under £5’ promotion
• The Value Gaming sale at, also known as Great Value Games at sister store Zavvi
TheHut and sister store Zavvi’s Skylanders promotion’s Action Games offer
TheHut and sister store Zavvi’s Fitness sale
TheHut’s Stock Clearance are still running their two games for £25 offer, as is sister store Zavvi
Toys R Us’ promotion with “Video Games Under £10”
Zavvi’s Price Drop
Zavvi’s Red Hot Deals
Zavvi’s Clearance sale
Zavvi’s triple points on pre-order games
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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