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By Rich Stone, 6 years ago
When the site leaderboards were re-written some time ago, there was clamour from some quarters for a Kinect-only leaderboard set.

I've now implemented this - in order to save screen space and because all Kinect games are (currently) on the 360, I've added a "Kinect required" option to the Platform dropdown on the Site Leaderboard pages:

Gamer by TrueAchievements

Kinect games are trackable with all the same options as the other platforms - so you can break it down and track your score and position over time with any of the following filters:

Country and Region
Genre and Subgenre
Arcade and Retail

You can also track the following Kinect scores across these filters:

TrueAchievement Score
TA Ratio
TA Difference
Completion %age
Completed Games
Achievements Won
Games Played

Big props to Johnny Sinister who is currently running away with these Kinect leaderboards!

As a side note, I've worked some magic on the "big" site leaderboards - that is the ones including everyone on the site in the scores listed above and without any filters on at all. These are the ones you see when you click through the badges, and they should now be a whole lot faster.

Walkthrough Improvements

Something that has been asked for since we introduced the full game Walkthroughs is a way to view the entire walkthrough on a single page, and also to print them out easilly. There's now a new link on every walkthrough summary page under the page list for
Full Printer-Friendly Version. This combines all the walkthrough pages into one, and if you print it out should remove all the sidebars, headers and footers to give you a nice guide to sit down with while running through the guide.

I want to thank you if you applied for the Walkthrough Supervisor positions, we had a staggering response and will be announcing the successful applicants later this week.

Scanner issues

We had some scanner trouble yesterday that meant they required a bit of a re-write last night, that means they have a little bit of a backlog to get through this morning. Please be patient, I would expect things to be back to full speed in around 8 hours or so....


Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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