Indie Games Spotlight for April 1st, 2012

By mancide, 6 years ago
This week Ryan Donnelly, the mastermind behind the Indie-Pocalypse XBLIG bundle, took the time to answer some questions via e-mail about his current bundle contest.

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What was your inspiration for the Indie-pocalypse bundle?

Well, like the PC Bundles that have been all the rage lately, the Xbox Indie Community has been left out for one main reason. Microsoft can only give 50 tokens to each developer when the game releases, making it hard for the games to get the exposure they deserve. I took it upon myself, after a month of writing it down and thinking of ways to make the bundle giveaway somewhat like the humble bundle or the indie royale. I was to start a sort of "BUNDLE" Giveaway. I started by sounding off to twitter using the ever popular #XBLIG and #XNA hashtag and immediately gained a 10 game lead in the first day. Several days later, I reached an awesome goal of 31 games.

All of the games that were donated from the developers, some were in scarce numbers or in many. I expressed to the developers, they can donate as much as they would like. We received a good amount, enough to make separate bundles known as the Wittle Bundles, which have a fraction of the games included in the Big Bundle. I then added the charity part for our friends at KCENTSTUDIOS and help them like we did with their 24 marathon they did for Children's Miracle Network. What better way to celebrate a bundle than to include a charity. We are doing it for the right cause, so anything will help. After everything was received, I started collecting game footage and logos for the promotional trailer I was to create, thus highlighting all of the games in the bundle, making it one big trailer. Everything was tense until the day of the press release that was to go out the night before. Daniel and I were pretty excited to get this out.

Yes I have seen lots of these bundles for PC Indie games, and had thought to myself it would be great if XBLIG could do something similar.

How long have you been involved in the Xbox Live Indie Games community?

I have been involved directly with the Xbox Live Indie Community since January of 2010. I started up a video game stream of me playing Xbox Indie Titles on my account and just hung out for a while, had a few people stop by, at that time I didn't have a name for my stream but shortly after I was asked if I was able to do video reviews for which posts everything in Xbox Indie Games. I had named my review segment VVGtv aka Vintage Video Games TV. The name doesn't really suit it, but I have a fascination with retro gaming. I later left and formed my own site called in late December 2010. At that point I was heavily involved with the social media points such as twitter and trying to promote all games regardless of their quality. As of recently, For about a half a year, I have been doing trailer work for indie developers, it first started out to be free, I then had too many requests. I started charging $20 for each trailer done. I felt this was fair, as it takes time from my everyday duties. I do feel I represent only a small percentage of the community, but every little bit counts.

What are some of your fondest gaming memories?

When I was younger, I can't remember what age. I loved playing Super Mario Bros. There were points in the game I couldn't get past sometimes and had my dad beat the level for me, he ended up taking the controller and playing the game himself. Back then, we use to have full motion gaming too, we would try to emulate a higher jump in SMB by jolting the controller upwards. This method didn't work, so we just held the controller in our laps instead. Another fond memory I had was when I played Mortal Kombat for the first time, it was in my parents tenants apartment with my friend Jevon. Back then, they really didn't have the ESRB rating boards and my mother and father didn't know it was such a violent game, that didn't affect me though, it seemed to calm me down when I was younger and get my thoughts off of my teenage years when the other Mortal Kombats Released. Lastly, the moment I stepped into the Xbox World was exactly 5 years ago, shortly after that I had fallen in love with this channel called Xbox Live Indie Games, few years later I started doing LIVE Streaming of Xbox Indie Games. It has been a joy ever since.

I think Super Mario Bros. is one of my first gaming memories as well. I still remember the Christmas I got my NES and R.C. Pro-Am.

How did you select the titles for the bundle?

All of the titles were not handpicked by anyone. Any developer that wanted a chance to shine had a chance in the bundle. No matter the quality of the game or reputation it may have, I treated all of the indie games the same and wanted to give them the exposure they deserved. No matter the quality, it was the creativity that I love to see, even the Voxel Games. These are great games from great minds and shouldn't be overlooked.

Do you have a personal favorite game out of the Indie-Apocalypse bundle?

To be completely honest, I have played most of them, I enjoy Little Racers STREET, Take Arms, and now currently Robofish. I like lots of pretty flashing lights, so Robofish became my newest favorite of the bundle.

Little Racers STREET is actually one of my current XBLIG favorites too!

I see you have expanded the bundle from the first week, can you tell us about that?

Yes, we thought it would be great if we released the initial bundle as is.

Then follow the next week with a special INDIE-POCALYPSE DLC Pack. We thought it would be both hilarious and catchy. More games could mean more interest.

Here are the final Games for the INDIE-POCALYPSE DLC Pack
Cell Emergence
Steam Heroes
A Bomb's Way
The Tower: A Bomb's Climb
Timeslip (Timeslip was originally a Playstation One game developed with a Net Yaroze and released on an "Official Playstation Magazine UK" Cover Disk)
Growing Pains
Snakez Gunz and Ladders
We Are Cubes

And finally, how can one enter your bundle contest?

Why that is simple, you can see the full list of ways to enter on our contest information page. However, a special entry for a chance to win one of the Wittle bundles has been setup for readers of this interview, they simply need to tweet out:
I want to win the #XBLIG Wittle Bundle @trueachievement #WittleIndiePocalypse
If you have an Xbox Live Indie Game that you feel should be featured in an edition of the Indie Games Spotlight, please PM your suggestions to mancide.
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