Microsoft Introduces New Rewards Program

By Cougar24, 9 years ago
If you're anything like me, then you probably showed up to work this morning with the distinct smell of alcohol and shame. You also found this in your inbox from Microsoft!

"This is an exclusive pilot rewards program. That means that the people who get in get stuff. Cool stuff. You want cool stuff, right? Sure you do, we all want stuff. Especially cool stuff. Well, you've only got until October 21, 2009 to let us know you want cool stuff, because after that, the doors close and someone else gets the cool stuff.

So, you click the button below and register to let us know you want in and pretty soon we'll let you know if you got in or not - and not everyone will (that's why it's called exclusive).

This offer is for a select few - you can't send it to anyone else (why would you send something this awesome to someone else, are you nuts?). If you make the cut, you can pass or opt-out whenever you want.

But then you'll never know how it ended."

Now, it's still unclear what "cool stuff" they are planning on rewarding us with, but I'm willing to bet that it will include some Microsoft Points and Live Subscriptions. We might even get lucky enough to have a Zune HD thrown in to the rewards. I mean, I have spent around $3,700 on a 360 and a few dozens games and wasting countless time on some crazy achievements... While living in my parents "empty" spare bedroom, fathering 3 kids and financing them through life with my old Beanie Baby collection that I started during that awkward phase in my life. Yea, I have the Swanie with the (very) rare Red Stitching... So what?