Three Popular Apps Come to United States Today

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
A month ago, it was announced that HBO's streaming service, HBO Go, would make its way to Xbox LIVE on April 1st. In a rare event of something gaming related being released earlier than expected, the app, as well as two others, are now available for download on the North American app marketplace.

HBO Go offers the entirety of HBO's original programming history. Literally. To my knowledge as a user of the app, every episode of every show they've ever done is on there. From the funniest songs of Flight of the Conchords, to the bloodiest moments of True Blood or The Sopranos, and it also updates currently airing shows as the episodes are released each week. There is also a list of on demand movies to browse. The service requires a current subscription to HBO with your television provider, and your provider must be one of the ones listed upon starting up the app.*

MLB.TV is a baseball fan's dream. A few years ago, the major sports leagues realized they were all big enough to have their own version of ESPN, focusing just on their sport. Then they realized they could often charge people a subscription for similar services and they'd still do it. MLB.TV is baseball's version of this. While I'm more of a NFL Network/Red Zone channel kind of guy myself, the ridiculous amount of games and highlights available for users with the Premium Pass is just silly. Again, you'll need a current subscription to MLB.TV to access these features.*

Xfinity is the name of Comcast's streaming and on demand services. With this app, you'll have access to another massive heap of programming, which is also available on Xfinity On Demand. Any channels you have with your Comcast/Xfinity plan, you'll be able to access with the app. Xfinity has stated that usage of this app will not count toward your bandwidth data caps. Lastly, yes, you need to be a current Xfinity customer to access these features.*

All of these new features come on the same day as a very interesting announcement from Microsoft. Xbox Business executive Yusuf Mehdi released the statement today that the average Xbox user spends 84 hours per month on their consoles and over half of those hours are now spent doing things other than actual gaming. It seems the company's intent on creating a go-to hub of entertainment is coming to fruition.

*As always, these apps are free and available exclusively to Xbox LIVE Gold members.
Credit for this story goes to Nighthawk205
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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