The Pinball Arcade Pushed Back One Week

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Those of you looking for The Pinball Arcade on the dashboard may have been disappointed to find it blatantly absent from any and all marketplace directories. Though Major Nelson tweeted out that the game would be out this week, Microsoft decided, in the eleventh hour, to push the game's release back a week in order to better present the title. Here's the word form the official Facebook page of the game.

Microsoft has asked Crave (the XBLA publisher) to delay the release for a week to get better placement on the dashboard. We're sorry for the delay, but as of yesterday we were still hopeful to get review codes to give to the press and at least the option to release today. Even Microsoft seems to have expected the game to have been released this week. We will update again later today when the date is official.

Part of me wants to hate this game because the title reminds me of the annoying Buckeye alumni that go around calling their school "The Ohio State University", but I shouldn't take it out on FarSight Studios. The Pinball Arcade has actually been rather highly-anticipated as a worthy alternative or supplement to the Pinball FX series.

Look for it on the dashboard next week for 800 MSP.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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