Mass Effect 3 - N7 Challenge Weekend

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
The team at BioWare continues to roll out the perks for participating in the multiplayer portion of Last weekend, BioWare teased that you'd be needing some high level characters for this weekend's operation. Today, the reason behind that teasing has been revealed.


Operation Raptor is tasking the multiplayer community to promote 150,000 characters into their War Assets. To promote a character, you must level it up to Level 20, then promote them from the multiplayer character selection screen.

Commendation Packs will be awarded to gamers who promote at least two of their characters.

Victory Packs will be awarded to all participating gamers if 150,000 characters are promoted across the community.

Like weekends past, both Victory and Commendation Packs will be available to download the following week.

Note: Participants need to set “Upload Gameplay Feedback” to “on” in the online options to be able to participate in Operation Raptor.

Operation Raptor will begin at 5:00 PM PST on Friday, March 30th and will end on Monday, April 2nd at 5:00 AM PST.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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