Fight Together... To Stay Alive

By splicegraph, 9 years ago
Sometime in January 2010, Salem and Rio launch a new adventure set in Shanghai, and if you pre-order Army of Two: The 40th Day, you'll be exclusively treated to a one month jump-start with the multi-player mode titled Extraction.

This new game mode was designed specifically for pre-orders as a response to the large demand for a four-player co-op in Army of Two: The 40th Day. In an interview with Creative Director Alex Hutchinson at NowGamer, he says that, "The game is trying to tell a story about saving yourself (and your partner) as opposed to one about saving the world. So expect a lot of running and gunning and be prepared for the co-op strategies to get more complex." He also adds that Extraction is a combination of elements from Gears of War 2 's Horde Mode and Left 4 Dead 's constant location changing.

Extraction will also feature a unique in-game graphics creator that will allow you to customize shoulder and helmet armour pieces with, uh, you guessed it, graphics.

Army of Two: The 40th Day gets released on January 8th, 2010 and will have three modes of multi-player upon release: Control, Warzone and Co-op Deathmatch, with Extraction unlocked for all other players one month after the game ships.

Extraction pits four players on a team cutting a swathe through waves of enemies to advance to new areas. Your objective is to clear out all of the enemies and eventually make it to an extraction point, at which time you'll be rescued.

Control is a variation of capture the flag that will have two squads of up to six players in each game competing to control randomly spawned checkpoints. Once a squad captures the point by defending it for a set amount of time, the next control point will appear and the point will be awarded to the controlling squad.

Warzone returns from the original Army of TWO with slight changes that have yet to be revealed.

Co-op Deathmatch puts the focus on teamwork in this face off against 6 teams because you're only able to request ammo from or revive your partner.

Interview with Alex Hutchinson at NowGamer and the Extraction Revealed Trailer:
Credit for this story goes to SebastianSB