NFS: ProStreet Community Race Day 2 Now Active!

By Michelle Balsan, 6 years ago
When a community gets together, it can do pretty amazing things.

Apparently, the upcoming closures of several servers for EA titles motivated many of you to contact the publisher with regard to a specific achievement in Need for Speed: ProStreet. That achievement, for those of you curious is this one:

Need for Speed: ProStreetCommunity Race Day 2The Community Race Day 2 achievement in Need for Speed: ProStreet worth 62 pointsAwarded for participating in the Community Race Day 2. Visit for details

Many, many of you will be happy to know that, thanks to your combined efforts, NFSDrew, the Community Manager for Need For Speed, has confirmed that Community Race Day 2 has been activated! This means that several of you can now complete the title! Of course, there's always a little something to mar it, so let's just put this out there: If you haven't started the game yet and this achievement had been stopping you, you'll probably still want to hold off. In order for Community Race Day 2 to be active, Community Race Day 1 had to be turned off, so you can't get that achievement at this time.

With that out there, let me just repeat - Community Race Day 2 is active, so go get that one done! We do not know how long the achievement will be active for, so better do this as soon as you can!

In other ProStreet achievement news, The Manic Moose has set up yet another session for those seeking the EA Moderator achievement. Details, as always, are below:

Community Gaming Session for Need for Speed: ProStreet - Friday, March 30th at 6PM EDT

You must have the Coke Zero/Energizer pack downloaded. This is the free pack that appears as you load the game up.

I will be racing in a variety of races but mainly "rogue speed-portland international raceway II". - this can be found by going to the race day menu and scrolling to the bottom right.

Once you have the EA Moderator achievement, please leave and allow room for others. The 8 player race achievement should come naturally with the volume of people needing the Moderator achievement.
Guys and Gals, please don't inundate The Manic Moose with PMs and Friend Requests either here on TrueAchievements or through Xbox LIVE! He's assured us that if many people still need the achievement come April 11th or April 12th, he'll put up a long session to help everyone out. Simply sign up for the session and if you can't make this one, hold tight. He'll do his absolute best to help you, too.

Thanks again to The Manic Moose for his assist with the EA Moderator Achievement and to the members of the community who got a once-thought-to-be-unobtainable achievement turned back on!

Thanks, also, to those of you who suggested this story.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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