Awesomenauts Release Date Announced

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Circle your calendars folks, for May 2nd is the date we'll be mashing refresh on in a bid to queue us up some awesome-ness. This official press release helps details why we want this... now:

For those surprised by this sudden burst of Awesomeness, it's about a game. A downloadable game. An awesome downloadable game that contains backstabbing chameleons, giant exploding robots and yes, laser wielding flying monkeys. These heroes battle it out in teams of 3 in split-screen and/or online! In this sidescrolling MOBA they will be blasting enemy robots and heroes, upgrading their gear and destroying enemy structures on their way to victory!
The title boasts split-screen action, killer tunage and a host of wacky characters that you can check out in the video below.

There's no word on a price tag yet, but we've a wealth of earlier coverage for you to check out ahead of the release. Don't forget our interview with Ronimo Games either.