BioWare Lets Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's Ending

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
In a stunning turn of events, Casey Hudson, the lead producer for BioWare's smash series Mass Effect, has announced that the company will let gamers decide how THEY think should end. In an exclusive statement issued to TrueAchievements, Hudson said:

We listened to fans. We feel their anger, their pain, their anguish and tension. We know that they feel their own personal Shepard should have a craftable ending, so we're pleased to offer a select package of DLC that will let gamers download the ending they want, so that their Shepard can end his/her arc how they see fit.
Not to be sullied by a simple "A", "B", or "C" option, gamers will now have the opportunity to pick between the following endings:

1- After defeating the Reapers, Shepard and the gang from the Normandy get stopped in a remote system, then thrown into prison for a one-year term for making fun of an obese Elcor who was being held up by a Batarian.

2- After defeating the Reapers, Shepard and his romantic counterpart sit down for a quiet dinner on Eden Prime as Steve parks the shuttle. As Shepard orders a fried appetizer, the song "Continue Having Faith" from the popular Asari band, Trip, plays. The screen immediately cuts to black and the credits roll.

3- After defeating the Reapers, Shepard awakens in a church surrounded by all of his squadmates, past and present. Admiral Anderson then walks in and tells him that they've been waiting for him to arrive so that they could all move on. It turns out the Normandy was just limbo and the Reapers were actually a giant metaphor.

4- After ascending to the Citadel, Shepard gets a message that the Catalyst is actually in a different Citadel.

5- After defeating the bulk of the Reaper forces by activating the Crucible, Shepard looks to Earth and sees that there are still Reaper variants fighting on the ground. When EDI asks what Shepard is doing, he grimly replies, "Finishing the fight," then leaps towards the burning planet.

Each DLC package is free and will be downloadable here.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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