Men in Black: Alien Crisis Dated and New Details

By litepink, 6 years ago
We haven’t heard anything about the new Men in Black game since it was announced back in October. If there were any new details, then we must have been flashed with a Neuralyzer and forgot them all. Today however, we’re provided with a release date and some new details on the action-shooter.

The title is now known as Men in Black: Alien Crisis, and will launch alongside the theatrical release of Men in Black 3 during the week of May 22nd. While they both are apart of the MIB universe, the game won’t be a direct tie-in to the film. Instead, you play as Peter Delacoeur, a MIB agent in training tasked at stopping aliens from destroying the planet. You’ll have to shoot and dodge your way through action packed levels to defeat the alien threat. The battle doesn’t need to be fought alone either, as the game will feature split-screen gameplay and four-person “hot-seat” competitive modes. Although the game isn’t a direct movie tie-in, Activision has promised the story will have an authentic Men in Black feel and tone to go along with the feature films and related projects.

An interesting addition will be the ability to use the Top Shot Elite gun peripheral. The Top Shot Elite was bundled in a few Cabela's hunting games this past year, and like MIB: Alien Crisis, are published by Activision. The use of the peripheral seems to coincide with the “light-hearted” action that was described when the game was first revealed.

Top Shot Elite

Men in Black: Alien Crisis will release in North America on May 22nd. The European launch is May 25th, the same day at the theatrical release of Men in Black 3.