Aliens: Colonial Marines Multiplayer Gameplay

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
The star-crossed Aliens franchise has had more false starts this generation than Usain Bolt. Aliens vs. Predator failed to meet expectations, but with Gearbox Software at the helm, Aliens: Colonial Marines may be the success that SEGA has been expecting out of this license. Despite delays this year, Aliens: Colonial Marines is due for release this Fall and if the multiplayer is anything like this 5 minute video, it will be a great tribute to a classic sci-fi series.

I especially enjoyed the segment starting just after the 2 minute mark. If you can not listen to a video with sound, it's still riveting, but those tense moments just before an ambush are a world away from your standard deathmatch.

If you want more, it was a few months ago that we showcased the Contact trailer, so you're forgiven for forgetting about this game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will hopefully be available late Fall 2012.