Alien Fear Coming to XBLA

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
City Interactive, the developer and publisher of Sniper: Ghost Warrior, is taking a slightly different direction with their new game. Yes, their new IP Alien Fear will still be a first person shooter, but gamers will not be fighting mercenaries or enemy soldiers; this time the fight will be taken to the aliens. The fight will also be taking place on XBLA too.

5/4/12 Concept Art Enemy

5/4/12 Concept Art Drone

The arcade style shooter will throw players into the role of a highly trained elite commando who is on a mission of sabotage. The non-stop run-and-gun close quarter combat takes place across a variety of Unreal Engine 3 powered sci-fi settings. As well as taking your enemies out with guns, there will also be buzzsaws.

5/4/12 Concept Art Corridor

5/4/12 Concept Art Refinery

5/4/12 Concept Art Refinery side

5/4/12 Concept Art Tower

5/4/12 Concept Art Bench

5/4/12 Concept Art Door

5/4/12 Concept Art Info Panel

5/4/12 Concept Art Modules Sketch

5/4/12 Concept Art Wall

5/4/12 Concept Art Wall Panel

A date and price is yet to be confirmed for the game.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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