How to Build Custom Tracks in Trials Evolution

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The custom track editor in Trials HD really extended the life of that game for me. I made friends with a handful of extremely talented track creators and doubled the number of tracks that were available for me to play. I even tried to create my own track and managed to form something that didn't quite run perfectly, but was able to be finished by most riders. Imagine my delight when RedLynx announced that the follow-up to Trials HD,, would include an improved custom track editor.

If the rumoured achievements for this game are anything to go by, players won't be able to get away with just placing a single object into the editor and saving the track this time. That means that you'll have to learn how to use the new editor. To help you do this, RedLynx are releasing a series of 32 tutorial videos, and we have the first four for you, plus a fifth video explaining how the tutorial videos will work. Here is that introduction video:

This first video introducers players to the basics of track editing. There will be two track editors: Lite Editor and Pro Editor. This video covers the display in both editors and the basic controls for navigation:

The addition of undo and redo buttons are a big bonus in my opinion, especially when trying to get the more complicated physics objects to work properly.

The second video covers spline points and checkpoints. Spline points are a new addition to Trials Evolution because the fixed driving line found in the first game no longer exists. Players can create tracks that curve in many directions.

The third video looks at the basics of using objects, including placement, rotation and even changing the colour of an object.

Finally for today, the fourth video looks at track settings. Here players can set the game mode, environment and music soundtrack. The game mode settings include track type, difficulty, medal times and bike settings. The environment category allows players to set weather conditions. While I think that the music soundtrack category explains itself, have a look at some of the finer details:

We'll bring the rest of the tutorial videos when they are released. Trials Evolution kicks off Microsoft's Arcade NEXT promotion on April 18th and will cost 1200 MSP. The game will be the first XBLA game to arrive with 400G.
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