Halo Fans Need to Work Harder

By Xsarthis, 9 years ago
According to an interview done with Jason Pace, creative director of Halo Waypoint, less than 1% of all Halo gamers have all the achievements within the series. This includes Halo 3, Halo Wars, and the recently released Halo: ODST.

The man himself said during the interview, "When we did our high-level analysis…it's less than 1% of players who will come in with everything, it's actually significantly less than 1%."

With the Halo Waypoint site getting ready to launch in all its glory, this may bode well for the new community hub. As the site comes closer to launch, this may give a number of people interested in flaunting their Halo superiority a new place to do so. Not to mention with the announced addition of Waypoint specific goals and achievements, this site could easily become big news for the Bungie loving community.

The site will include videos, fan fiction, lore, machinima, and a bevy of other treats for the Halo inclined. Check it out http://halo.xbox.com/en-us/halowaypoint.

A quick look on TA shows that 3.9% of you have finished Halo 3, 7.3% of you have finished ODST, and a paltry, yet understandable, .3% of you have completed Halo Wars. Without the ability to cross reference lists, it becomes difficult to see who has them all.

So what's with the rest of you? Get a move on and achieve! It's what we do here isn't it?