TopWare Reveals Planets At War

By DavieMarshall,
TopWare have revealed that they will be bringing Targem Games' Planets At War to Xbox 360. The title is introduced to us as "a strategic interplanetary conflict simulator". You'll have access to four playable races and take charge of force management and strategic control as you attempt to strike down the opposing regimes in a battle for interstellar dominance.

TopWare also reveal that the game will have "diverse victory scenarios", "mighty boss encounters" and a game progression which will deliver increasing depth and complexity to the player. TopWare’s CEO Alexandra Constandache expanded with the following statement:

The challenging gameplay paired with the exquisite presentation of the game’s complex mechanics are sure to find players loosing [sic] themselves in the folds of time and space
There's nothing else to share as yet, but the TopWare PR department promise us there's more 'coming soon'. We'll keep you posted as the galatic war games take shape!

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