Survival Show Spin Offs

By splicegraph, 9 years ago
Crave Entertainment, publishers of Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection, have announced that they will be co-operating with Discovery Communications to develop and produce games based on two of Discovery Channel’s highest rated shows. Set to be available sometime in the Spring of 2010 will be adaptations of Man vs. Wild and Deadliest Catch for all current video gaming platforms.

Crave Entertainment promises that the games will “let players experience the excitement of surviving in the world's toughest jungles and deserts as seen in the Man vs. Wild series, and battle the pounding storms of the Bering Sea as crab fishermen in Deadliest Catch. In the Man vs. Wild game, players control their character under the guidance of host and survival expert Bear Grylls as they exercise the necessary survival skills in a wide variety of landscapes and climates. In the Deadliest Catch game, players act as the captain of their own crab boats and navigate through the Bering Sea to cast and harvest pots all the while balancing the dangers against the profits.

I imagine the people that play Man vs. Wild will be in about as much peril as Bear Grylls ever really is. At least they won’t have to pretend they’re not pretending. Obviously, I’m no fan of Grylls, but I would no sooner play a simulator of Survivor Man even though I’m huge fan of the show.

When Crave Entertainment's Deadliest Catch comes out in Spring it will be the second of it's kind. Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm developed by Liquid Dragon Studios was released June 17, 2008 exclusively on the Xbox 360 with mixed reviews. So why another Deadliest Catch? Why not something that makes more sense like... uh... Dirty Jobs? I can hardly wait for the History Channel to get on board with Ice Road Truckers and Ax Men!

Is there really a big enough demand for Discovery Channel simulators, or is the network just casting their nets into a new marketplace in hopes of dredging up new viewers?