Need For Speed: ProStreet Servers [UPDATE]

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Update 2

Numerous members here on TrueAchievements have confirmed that they have unlocked the Community Race Day 1 achievement in the last few minutes. If you need this, get online and grab it right now!


In a total u-turn to the original article below, it seems that the Need For Speed: ProStreet servers may yet come back online. A recent tweet from the official Need For Speed Twitter account issued the following statement:

We think we've narrowed down the problem with the the Pro Street servers and are working to fix it. Will update again soon...
We're really not sure what's happening here - but we'll keep an eye on developments and pass along the information as we know more.

Original article

There's some hugely disappointing news regarding the Need for Speed: ProStreet servers. The online service seemingly went offline at some point over the past few days, but the official support team on Twitter advised gamers through a tweet that this was just a blip:

We are aware of the issue, please be patient as we work towards a solution.
Apparently though, the servers were more trouble than the fix was worth as quietly and without warning EA retired the Need For Speed: ProStreet servers today. The support team tweeted a reply to a gamer who had lodged a request for an update:

It's regrettable to say but the Pro Street servers have come to an end, but that doesn't mean you still can't have fun!
The servers were supposed to be available until April 13th on a promise from EA as gamers scrabbled to bag some of their last online achievements.

If you were hoping for a final stab at a the Race Day 1 achievement, it would seem the chance has now evaporated.