Skulls of the Shogun PAX East Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 6 years ago
Skulls of the Shogun has been a hit at E3 2011, PAX Prime 2011 and now PAX East 2012. The strategy title from Haunted Temple Studios was recently delayed and missed the original February 2012 release window due to quality control issues. While it's refreshing to see a developer take the extra time to ensure their game is not riddled with bugs upon release, seeing this trailer for the game makes the wait even more unbearable.

I'm digging the art for this game and any new strategy IP is welcome in my book. While the trailer does advertise PAX East 2012, this video was not available to use until today. Regrettably, we currently have no information as to when Skulls of the Shogun will be available on the XBLA marketplace.