Sniper Elite V2 Demo Out Now

By litepink, 6 years ago
Today saw the release of a single new demo on the marketplace and it’s for 505 Games’ Sniper Elite V2. In the demo you’ll once again play as Karl Fairburne, the main protagonist from Sniper Elite, and get a feel for the realistic sniping action.

Sniper Elite V2
Download link here

You are elite US sniper, Karl Fairburne, sent behind enemy lines into besieged Berlin during the final moments of World War II. You uncover a horrifying plot which threatens to kill millions of civilians throughout Western Europe, and which would irreversibly change history as we now know it. Make every single bullet count or the world dies with you.

Sniper Elite V2 arrives on May 1st in North America and May 4th in Europe. If you’re excited to pick this title up right away you’ll want to look into the “Kill Hitler” pre-order bonus for an additional level and two new weapons.