Borderlands 2 Special Editions Announced

By Jonathan Barnes, 6 years ago
Who remembers September? I know I do. It was back when the weather was (supposed to be) getting cold(er), the leaves were changing, playoff baseball was starting, the holiday games rush was about to begin, and Gearbox asked gamers what they wanted in a Special Edition of their upcoming During last weekend's PAX East, Gearbox shed a bit of light on the fruits of your polling by revealing some details about the Special Edition(s) of the game.

The "Deluxe Vault Hunters Edition" will retail at $99 (in the US) and will come with a Marcus Kincaid bobble head. The "Ultimate Loot Chest Edition" will cost $149.99, come in a faithfully recreated "loot box" from the series and also contain a Marcus Kincaid bobblehead,

Kotaku also managed to get a picture of the "Ultimate Loot Chest Edition".

Special Edition

As further details about Special Edition goodies are revealed, we'll be sure to inform you!

In the same panel (as relayed to Game Informer), Gearbox announced that a new character class will be available as post-launch DLC. The Mechromancer is not yet developed, but is a female character that appears part woman, part machine and can control a new model of robot, the D374-TP (Deathtrap).

Mechro 1

Mechro 2

The yet to be developed Mechromancer DLC will be free for gamers who pre-order the game, but there is currently no price point announced for late adopters. On the subject of pricing, Randy Pitchford assured the audience that it should be "comparable to most DLC."

Furthermore, Gearbox revealed that Borderlands 2 will have a much higher level of customization than its predecessor. New gear, costume pieces, and custom heads (yes, you read that right, "heads") can be gained by completing missions, challenges, and leveling up. Furthermore, gamers who played the original will have access to an exclusive head and skin.

Borderlands 2 with all of its glorious loot and bajillion guns will be available September 18th in North America and internationally on September 21st. You can check out more of the pre-order bonus goodness here.
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