Resident Evil 6 Trailer Reveals A New Release Date

By Mark Delaney, 5 years ago
Update: A few brief but important details have been revealed at Captivate. As the trailer seems to suggest, the game is broken down to three different playable stories among Leon, Chris, and Jake Muller. However, the more notable part if that each of these three stories will allow for two-player co-op play. Leon is paired with US government agent Helena Harper, Chris Redfield teams up with fellow BSAA member Piers Nivans and Jake Muller is joined by Sherry Birkin, the daughter of former Umbrella scientists, William and Annette.

The focus in this game is the deadly new strain, the C-Virus, that creates traditional zombies, J'avos, and the Chrysalide, which will morph into an all-new enemy.

Original Story:
Capcom's annual convention, Captivate, is under way, and among all of their general hooplah, they released a new trailer for this fall's Besides being a great trailer for fans to drool over, the last moments of the video reveal information that indicates the game's release date has been pushed up.

If you can't watch the video, it reveals the game's new retail street date as October 2nd, rather than November 20th. It looks like RE6 will now be one of the games to kick off the holiday gaming season.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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