Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond - Trailer

By zigs00, 9 years ago
Oh, how to define Blood Bath and Beyond... it's a XBLA sequel to the retail game Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard, and follows on from Matt's revitalised career in that game. Canonically, one of his biggest foes - General Neutronov - has reactivated all of his greatest enemies from his early games, such as The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land and Chest of the Pirate Queen to try and destroy him. Unlike its sole non-fictional predecessor however, Blood Bath and Beyond will be an old school 2D platformer, set for release on XBLA later this year. Got it? What do you mean no?

While Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard wasn't well received by critics, the premise was fresh and the satire hilarious (well... some of the time). If I was to hazard a guess... *pause for laughter* ... I'd say that by simplifying the gameplay and removing a dimension, potentially we'll be seeing a better game; and judging by the newly released trailers, that is pretty darn possible.

To see the chuckle-worthy two-part trailer for yourself, click here for Part I:
and here for Part II:

The game will feature both single player and co-op play, and is described as being a "flood of carnage" and "nonstop run-and-gun action at its finest." It's currently scheduled for release this Winter.