Six Degrees of Schafer

By splicegraph, 9 years ago
No amount of antibodies will protect you from this contagion. No worries though, it'll be a fun one to contract and it'll net you an easy 15GS.

The Double Fine Team*, developers of the Rocktober hit release Brutal Legend, will be on XBL today between 5-9pm (PST) to test your mettle.

Providing gamers with the perfect opportunity to pick up the viral achievement Six Degrees of Schafer.

Brutal LegendSix Degrees of SchaferThe Six Degrees of Schafer achievement in Brutal Legend worth 39 pointsPlay with or against another player who has this Achievement

Where: Xbox LIVE
When: October 28th, 2009 (today)
Time: 5pm - 9pm (PST)

*Check the external link for a complete list of the Double Fine Team roster.