Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago
The day is drawing nearer for when players will be able to travel to the Teeth of Naros in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The "Teeth of Naros" DLC takes players to a forgotten land named after an ancient troll god. There are more details to be found here, but now we can give you a sneak peek at the new lands, enemies and characters.

The Kollossae are a band of warrior giants, led by Secandra. They have wandered Amalur in pursuit of their destiny, but a mysterious force calls them towards a destiny that they do not want.

11/4/12 Kollossae

When you arrive on the island, you'll be needed to solve the riddle of the Titans. You'll travel through many new places:

Under Sewer
11/4/12 Under Sewer 1

11/4/12 Under Sewer 2

11/4/12 Nyxaros

11/4/12 Nerotelos

11/4/12 Hyperion 1

11/4/12 Hyperion 2

One of the main Kollossae who will be an ally is Primos:

11/4/12 Primos

Players will have access to his private quarters in the floating city of Idylla. Whether this will turn into the player's housing is unclear, but this would be my personal conclusion.

11/4/12 Idylla: Primos' Quarters 1

11/4/12 Idylla: Primos' Quarters 2

The trolls will be one of your main enemies throughout the DLC. They still won't be very easy to defeat:

11/4/12 Troll Fight 1

11/4/12 Troll Fight 2

11/4/12 Troll Fight 3

In the final three screenshots, we get a look at one of the new enemies. The pteryx will be exclusive to this DLC, and if you want all of the achievements from this DLC, you'll have to kill 50 of them.

11/4/12 Pteryx Fight 1

11/4/12 Pteryx Fight 2

11/4/12 Pteryx Fight 3

The "Teeth of Naros" DLC will add six new achievements worth a total of 150G. It is due to be released on April 17th and will cost 800 MSP.
Rebecca Smith
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