Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Co-op Mode Revealed

By Rebecca Smith, 6 years ago is the long-awaited revival of the Steel Battalion franchise last seen on the original Xbox. The single player campaign throws players into the role of Lt. Powers, a pilot of a vertical tank, who is attempting to influence the course of the war between superpowers in the year 2082. In contrast to this, the four-player online co-op mode will see players working together to destroy a certain number of enemies on a variety of maps. This will unlock new items that players can use to customise their vertical tanks. The Score Attack mode will rate players based on their performance and there will be achievements tied in with this game mode.

This trailer gives players a brief idea of what to expect from the game mode. Some of the language in the trailer isn't safe for work.

The thing that most of you ask about the most often is gameplay footage. Well, here is over four minutes of gameplay footage from the co-op modes over a variety of maps. Again, the language is not safe for work.

Those of you who can't view the trailers can satisfy yourselves with these screenshots instead:

12/4/12 Screenshot 1

12/4/12 Screenshot 2

12/4/12 Screenshot 3

12/4/12 Screenshot 4

12/4/12 Screenshot 5

12/4/12 Screenshot 6

12/4/12 Screenshot 7

12/4/12 Screenshot 8

12/4/12 Screenshot 9

12/4/12 Screenshot 10

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is due to be released on June 19th, 2012 in North America. A release date for other regions is yet to be confirmed.
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