Natal Being Used in FPS Too?

By Cougar24, 9 years ago
Critical Gamer reports that Peter Molyneux isn't the only one that has big plans for Natal. Rare's head of studio Mark Betteridge is planning on breaking new ground with Natal.

The latest issue of trade weekly MCV carries a feature on first person games, and the history of their success. It is here that Rare’s head of studio Mark Betteridge is quoted as saying: “Right now our sights are trained on Natal, which is a great opportunity to break new ground with content and gameplay. It’s also an opportunity to exercise some genre evolution, so hopefully we’ll be able to develop something on that front.”
While no announcement of a game in production, it certainly tells us that Rare will be first in line for a Natal FPS, and that they’ve already been thinking about it…

I'm not too sure how cool you'll look in front of people holding an (imaginary) gun, while taking cover behind your couch from (imaginary) enemies, while trying to nurse the (imaginary) bullet wound you are currently suffering in your leg.

But today holds even more news for Natal. Peter Molyneux spoke at the BAFTA Video Game Lecture, and naturally, he mentioned his devilish creation, Milo and Millie. He begins by admitting to the audience that much of this is "smoke and mirrors and tricks, but it doesn't matter." He goes on to tell the inner workings of Natal and how it can scan the background objects and other things. Say for example, you turn the game on and you were eating an apple, you could hand that apple to Milo (or Millie) and they would have an apple too. He also reveals how the game will start out:

This boy or girl starts off when you first meet him, he's moved from the city into the countryside, he hasn't got any friends, he is starting school in two days time and he sits there and looks out at you, looks you straight in the eyes and he says "You know what, I need a friend, and you are going to be my imaginary friend." And everything that you do with Milo inspires him and changes him and you see the glory of him improving.

Will I be getting this game? Probably not. I think it very interesting and could be alot of fun, but I'm more worried about my safety. The police would be at my door 2 days after I got the game, and I see it going something like this...

(Cougar24 opens the door in a half open robe, wearing only 'fruit of the loom' underwear)

Police: Are you Cougar24?

Me: Yes I am officers. What can I do for you today?

Police: We've been getting reports from a virtual boy named Milo. He claims that you've been exposing yourself to him numerous times and making sexual advances towards him.

Me: That's absurd! I've never said anythi...

Police: You're coming with us.