Amy Patched and Ready for A Second Chance

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
There's no denying the XBLA survival-horror AMY was slammed by critics and gamers alike when it released a few months ago. Of the 35 Metacritic reviews, 33 gave it a negative review and the other two were mixed. The game is stricken with a 25 overall on the site.

However, the developers never quit on the game and those that stuck with the title and provided feedback are set to reap the benefits. After many back and forth discussions, Vectorcell has released a patch that addresses many of gamers' primary complaints with the game. Here's the whole list, straight from the studio:

- The last checkpoint you reach is now saved (instead of going back to the beginning of the chapter)
- the syringes remain in the inventory after a checkpoint is reached
- Amy's Powers remain available after a checkpoint is reached
- the Combat camera has been removed
- most sequences can now be skipped
- the ingame brightness has been improved.
According to the tests we carried, Chapter Five is now much easier with these changes.
They mention chapter 5 because many who have played the game were upset with the difficulty of that level. If you purchased Amy, did you like it? Will you like it more now? What about if you've never played it? Admittedly, I decided against buying the game after reading the reviews (something I almost never do) but maybe now it's worth a sale purchase.

You can download the game for 800 MSP.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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