A World of Keflings is Turning Pink

By Rebecca Smith,
NinjaBee were one of the many developers to make the journey to last weekend's PAX East gaming conference. PlayXBLA managed to bag themselves an interview with Jarrod Evans, a game designer at NinjaBee, alongside a coupleof exclusive screenshots and a handful of behind the scenes photos of the team working on the "Candy for Keflings" DLC for A World of Keflings.

The DLC is very much still in its development stage, but there will be a brand new story that is “like nothing you’ve ever seen in Keflings before”. There will be good guys, bad guys and bears that think they are gumdrops. There will also be a few new mechanics and twists, although there were no hints given as to what these were likely to be.

Here are the new screenshots showing cotton candy trees, the new Gingerlings, a finished Gingerbread House and a wizard named Waldorf.

13/4/12 Gingerlings

13/4/12 Waldorf

These behind the scenes photos give an idea of the wacky concepts that the team are working on:

13/4/12 Behind the Scenes 1

13/4/12 Behind the Scenes 2

13/4/12 Behind the Scenes 3

The "Candy for Keflings" DLC is "coming soon".

We've got the full list of A World of Keflings achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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