First Look at Halo Waypoint

By dropK1CK ninJA, 9 years ago
Halo Waypoint is now available to those that have been enrolled into the Xbox Preview Program. It requires a 139.90MB download (similar to, Netflix, Facebook, etc.). According to the introduction screen, this is Waypoint Beta.

Booting up Halo Waypoint will provide you automatically with an avatar award. This is my first award, so I find it kind of exciting. You get an AI unit for “enlisting in Waypoint.”

The only two Destinations available to navigate are the “Intel” and “Career” options.

Intel is the news destination. Under this section there are numerous Halo related videos to watch. Everything from the ODST launch party to Community screenshots. Numerous videos are all ready available to watch, however some of the information appears a bit dated (i.e., a preview video for ODST’s campaign).

When you first dive into the Career section, Waypoint scans your achievement history to determine how successful your Halo career has been. For example, upon my first scan I have 2,750G and have covered 38 Halo Career Milestones. According to Waypoint, I am 50 “Halo” gamerscore points away from my next Milestone. I am assuming that the max is reaching 100% completion for all three Halo games available for the 360 platform (Halo 3, Halo Wars, and Halo: ODST). For me, this initial scan unlocked all the possible avatar awards available for Waypoint.

The Career section of Waypoint is by far the most robust option to play with. It does feel a bit thin and could use some graphs to clean it up. Right now it lists histories for achievements, medals, and milestones by date and a small icon. It would be nice to see a graph over time to see real progress. Just like the other parts of the next Dashboard Update, this is a great foundation but leaves some to be desired.

So, what else would you guys like to see added to Waypoint?