The Last Six Trials Evolution Editor Tutorials

By Ashley Woodcock, 6 years ago
I know a lot of you are seriously hyped up for the release of RedLynx's upcoming platformer Before we can dive into some Trials madness and make countless amounts of mistakes and errors with our riding and building of tracks, there's the last set of Editor Tutorials to be watched first to give us the last heap of knowledge we need to put together our perfect track.

As expected, the last six Editor Tutorials have all come at once and give us an insight on the remaining factors we need to know about, allowing us to potentially build some sweet custom tracks. These videos focus on Operations, Controller Inputs, Object Position Event, Advance Checkpoints, Building a Supercross Track, and Building a Skill Game. Each video is very interesting and important as per usual, but to be able to build an actual skill game itself will be an ultimate test for those who will be giving it a go. Let's pay attention once again!

There you have it! Are you going to be spending hours, if not days, working on the perfect track and/or building a challenging skill game?

Be ready to fire up those bikes as Trials Evolution releases on XBLA tomorrow, April 18th for 1200 MSP.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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