SSX DLC Taking the Slopes Soon

By Mark Delaney, 6 years ago
Fresh off of the successful rider event, thanks in part to the work done by you guys here on TA, SSX has now announced two all-new DLC packs that look to provide the game with a clear blast from the franchise's past.

On May 1st, the Mt. Eddie DLC and Classic Characters DLC will be available for download. The Mt. Eddie pack is inspired by previous games, specifically SSX Tricky. In it, you'll be able to relive gameplay just like what you may remember from the last generation. Mt. Eddie is a huge new mountain that adds nine Race and Trick drops complete with all of the effects you'd expect from a retro SSX like fireworks, Big Air drops, and more. The Classic Characters pack comes with seven new (but, for now, unannounced) characters each with their own set of outfits, snowboards, and tricks.

Leading up to release, EA Canada will reveal more about each DLC, including the identities of the characters included, but if you're really devoted, they've also announced the pricing of each, as well as an available bundle package.

The Mt. Eddie pack and Classic Characters pack will each cost 480 MSP, or you can purchase them together for 640 MSP. Look for coverage on the DLC here on TA leading up to the May 1st release.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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