Winners: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Round Two

By DavieMarshall, 6 years ago
Many applied for the chance to die and respawn in the name of beta testing whilst serving TrueAchievements and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. In addition to our first squadron of brave souls, we can now reveal the final fifteen ghosts randomly picked to join the battle.

In the order that these names were drawn out of the hat, it's congratulations and codes for:

MaRt DuDz
Tantric Monkeys
Liquid master
Conky UK
Undead Seph

These guys join our previous ten Ghosts with a final few to be announced through Twitter this very evening. Thanks to the generosity of the guys at Ubisoft UK we've managed to name thirty winners in just three days, and the fun has yet to start. Ubisoft have confirmed that the beta kicks off tomorrow at 10:00am EDT, 2:00pm GMT, 4:00pm Paris.

Thanks to everyone who entered! And to the winners, I'll be online in the beta myself tomorrow, but surely you'll remember who PMd you those codes when you see me in the crosshairs?